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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Pisani
    Andrew Pisani

    Hi Rich, Can you autograph both books for me. I want to auction one at the Power dinner on November 4. It will be a good way to spread the word for those alumni who are not on Facebook. Thanks Chick

  2. Andrew Pisani
    Andrew Pisani

    Hi Rich,
    I received the books yesterday and am very impressed with some of the recipes. So I am ordering 2 more to be auctioned off at the Power Memorial dinner. Could you autograph them and include something about Power. I think it will be a hit at the dinner and to say something about a nomination for you. Thanks… Chick

    • Richard Lombaedi
      Richard Lombaedi

      I will sign both books and send out this week. I am so honored that the PMAA would consider me for this nomination.

      Your getting the word out about preventing cancer with food helps in my effort to save everyone from this frightening disease.

  3. Patricia Hefner
    Patricia Hefner

    Loved your interview this morning on KOCI. Today was my first day tuning into this station and there you and Cookie were! I’m buying a copy of your book for myself and for my daughter for Christmas. Thank you SO much!!

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