Chef Richard D. Lombardi

When you learn the art of sausage stuffing and mozzarella shaping at a young age, it must mean that you’re cut out for a life as a Chef. He has been a professional chef for almost 20 years. Chef Richard has been learning and perfecting his cooking skills since he was a child.

His first kitchen job, at the age of 5, was to take freshly made ravioli from the kitchen to lay them out to dry on a white sheet on the bed, the largest flat surface in the house. He graduated to working Saturdays at Uncle Mario’s Italian Deli in the Bronx, New York City.

In 1988 Chef Richard began his professional cooking career by creating portion-controlled entrees for patients needing to control their eating habits due to medical problems. This led to his taking over the production of the Bristol 300 line of low calorie products for Bristol Farms Stores. For over 5 years he supplied Trader Joe’s stores with fresh Italian entrees.

Chef Lombardi has created a “New Italian American Cuisine,” as influenced by his mother Mama Rose, his aunts uncles and grandparents. “Quick, Easy and Delicious” describes the “New Cuisine” and Chef Richard takes the mystery and hard work out of preparing great food for you and your guests.

Chef Richard and his wife, Elaine, owned and operated Mama Rose Restaurant, in California, for 10 years. During that time the restaurant and Chef Richard received many awards for excellence. They were celebrated in newspapers, magazines and on radio and television for the extraordinary dining experience Mama Rose offered.

Chef Richard was heard on radio as part of “The Filippo and the Chef Show” and seen around the country performing the stage version of “The Filippo and the Chef Show” featuring celebrity chefs.

Chef Richard has written numerous articles for food publications and “The Mama Rose Cook Book” containing recipes from Mama Rose Restaurant. After his bout with CANCER he created an organization “The Cancer Fighting Chef”.  He is useing his cooking experience along with his experiences as a cancer patient, to create tasty recipes that contain ingredients that fight cancer. The web site is the place to find these recipes and also find information about all cancers.  Resources to other web locations where unlimited cancer information is available will be prominent.  Many chefs around the world have visited that site and asked Chef Richard “How they can help?” An affiliated organization was formed called Cancer Fighting Chefs, International and Chef Richard’s effort is now a world wide effort by thousands of chefs who have become advocates in the fight to prevent CANCER.

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  1. Katie Havelda-Dent

    We are working on an event for Baptist Health Lexington, one of the large hospitals in Lexington KY, and are looking for a chef. It will be a women’s event to promote the hospital’s oncology service line. We need someone who can talk about healthy eating and how to prepare healthy foods at home. Do you make appearances? What is your fee? This event will be in April or May.

    Thank you,

    Katie Havelda-Dent

    343 waller ave, suite 305, lexington, ky 40504
    direct 859/806 3856

    • Richard Lombaedi

      Thank you for your interest in The Cancer Fighting Chef speaking at your upcoming event. I do make personal appearances, in fact prior to my cancer diagnosis I spent a couple of years performing the “Filippo and the Chef Show”. It was a stage show that Filippo Voltaggio and I performed many times around the country. It consisted of cooking demonstrations and musical entertainment. We always had a celebrity guest with us. Some of the guests to appear with us were Penny Marshall, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Deanna Martin, Melora Hardin, Mark DeCarlo and many others.

      The first consideration will be the date so I can make sure it is available. I would need to know that ASAP. Will it be a 1 day event? Will you want me for only 1 day? I would include a talk and a cooking demonstration. I would also like to have handouts and I would take questions.

      As far as my fee. I would need all expenses paid, including airport connections, airfare and hotel. In order to do a cooking demonstration I would need cooking utensils, including a heat source, ingredients and someway to display the finished product. The amount of time available will determine the number of dishes to prepare. A PA system is needed for a large room which I’m sure you will have for other speakers. I would require a mic on me so my hands are free. It also would be very helpful to have some way to have the audience see the preparation. A large mirror above or a camera and a large monitor if there is a large group. When I’ve done shows in Milwaukee we always had 500 or more in the audience and a camera and two monitors were required. I’m sure your technical people will know what is needed.

      Also I would like to encourage your audience to support “The Cancer Fighting Chef” by purchasing some of our merchandise and wearing our Logo.

      In order to have handouts for attendees, I could send you information which your office could reproduce to use.

      I am an advocate for preventing and fighting CANCER with good food choices. I welcome the opportunity to speak to healthcare professionals who can spread my gospel. I do not ask for a fee for me to come to speak, just the expenses and supplies as outlined above. I do ask for a voluntary donation to “The Cancer Fighting Chef”. It is not mandatory, can be for any amount and I do not expect it nor will I ask for it.

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